I have lived inside the boundaries of Westminster Public School (former title School District 50) for over 50 years, trusted the education of my children to Westminster Public Schools. I am a retired elementary teacher from WPS.

Anthony, Brenda, and Charles will be excellent Westminster Public Schools board members. Anthony, Brenda, and Charles are focused on improving accountable academics to reach current state averages. They have children in three different Westminster Public Schools. They are advocates of parent/school partnerships to improve academic success.

They will expect financial transparency and full disclosures to the taxpayer of how taxpayers’ money is being spent. A student-based budget is an important element for academic success.

Anthony, Brenda, and Charles will reestablish the partnership with Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation. Decades of recreation/education collaboration was recently severed by Westminster Public Schools. All children in the WPS boundaries are entitled to all available recreation opportunities.

Anthony and Charles are graduates of Westminster High School and hold advanced degrees in finance and medicine.

I am endorsing Anthony, Brenda, and Charles (ABC) for Westminster Public Schools Board of Education.

Karen Dunn, Denver

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