Brighton's Greyson Carvalho's received an honorable mention from the Audubon Community Nature Center 2023 Nature Photography Contest for this picture of Thistle he took. Credit: Courtesy Greyson Carvalho

Brighton’s own Greyson Carvalho took home the Honorable Mention in the Youth Landscape category of the Jamestown, New York, Audubon Community Nature Center 2023 Nature Photography Contest. 

“I was really happy and excited when I got an honorable mention,” Carvalho said. 

Carvalho is nine years old, turning ten on October 25. He attends Brantner Elementary in Thornton, and he and his family have lived in Brighton for eight years.

Nine year old Greyson Carvalho Credit: Courtesy Jessica Carvalho

“I started taking photos about six months ago when I got my first phone and it had a great camera. Since then, it has become a hobby of mine. I love to take pictures of nature. Flowers and plants and insects are my favorite,” Carvalho said. 

Carvalho said once his mom saw that he liked photography, she did a Google search to find photo contests that are open to kids. It’s how they found the Audubon Community Nature Center in New York. He has entered other photos into two different contests, too.

“I chose the Thistle because my family was camping and we were taking a walk and I saw it. I liked the colors and the background behind it. I plan to continue taking pictures of plants and flowers, ” Carvalho said. 

“I was so excited and proud of him! I am happy he has found a hobby that allows him to be creative. He tries to find the best lighting and angles for his photos. He won’t hesitate to lay on the ground to get the shot he wants,” said Jessica Carvalho, Greyson’s mom. 

The Audubon photography contest is an annual contest for youths ages 8 to 18 and Adults ages 19 and older. The categories for entries are photos of wildlife, any non-captive species, landscapes, and plants. 

Judges do not know the photographers’ names or hometowns. Judges selected finals of Adult and youth winners and honorable mentions nationwide.

The funds raised from the contest go back into 1,400 nature education programs with the Audubon Community Nature Center, located at 1600 Riverdale Road, one-quarter mile east of Route 62 between Jamestown, N.Y., and Warren, Pa. 

For more information about Audubon and its programs, call (716) 569-2345, find Audubon Community Nature Center on Facebook, or visit Check out Visit

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