People enjoy the new Sips (with a Z) lounge, which opened on Oct. 13 in Denver’s Convergence Station. Credit: Jo Davis

Meow Wolf says it’s OK to wear sneakers with a tux to its new lounge area at Convergence Station in Denver.

The new lounge, called Sips (with a Z), features a full bar offering classic and custom cocktails, nonalcoholic drinks and snacks including charcuterie, flatbreads and desserts.

Décor for the 3,250-square-foot space is a mix of street art and contemporary art deco, providing an avant-garde atmosphere. The art museum describes Convergence Station as a “permanent exhibition,” its “first multiversal transit station serving Earth and home to one of Denver’s most unique performance and event venues.”

Sips (with a Z) carries through with the Convergence Station theme as the executive travel lounge of the Quantum Department of Transportation.

More than 50 artists, designers and technical experts worked collaboratively on Sips (with a Z)’s design and conceptualization, Meow Wolf states.

“What I have loved about this project has been the team’s collaborative spirit. From partnering in design to executing that last brilliant layer of graffiti, it’s been a blast working with these amazing humans,” said Susie Cowan, Meow Wolf’s senior creative producer, in a statement.

Sips (with a Z) is open for ticketed guests from noon to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and from noon to 7 p.m. on Sundays. It is also available for private events.

Meow Wolf Denver, also known as Convergence Station, is located at 1338 First St. 

Convergence Station is the third permanent art exhibition for New Mexico-based Meow Wolf. It boasts about 60,000 square-feet of exhibition space, and is home to The Perplexiplex venue where a variety of live performances are hosted, and the Galleri Gallery, which offers Denver artists a national platform to showcase and sell their work.

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