The election is on November 7. Mail in ballots were sent to voters starting Oct. 16. Credit: Shutterstalk

It is less than a month away from election night. Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters beginning Oct. 16. Here is some voter information, resources and drop box locations across Arapahoe County.

Ballots are expected to reach some areas sooner than others, therefore, the county recommends waiting about one week to contact the clerk and recorder’s office, which can be contacted at 303-795-4511 or at


Click here to go to the Arapahoe County elections page

Click here to go to the Elections 2023 Home Page

Residents can check their voter registration at to ensure they are registered to vote. If not, they will see how to update voter registration. 

Those who can register to vote must affirm they are a U.S. citizen, have been a Colorado resident for at least 22 days before the election, at least 18 years old and the residence address provided is your legal place of residence.

Thirty-five ballot drop boxes will open Oct. 16 at various locations throughout Arapahoe County and will be open 24 hours a day. The locations will close at 7 p.m. on election day.

A list of ballot drop box locations can be found on the elections division of Arapahoe County’s website, which are divided by city. 

Aurora has 14 locations, Centennial has five, Littleton has four, Denver and Englewood have two and Bennet, Byers, Cherry Hills Village, Deer Trail, Glendale, Greenwood Village, Sheridan and Strasburg have one location each. 

To find the closest ballot drop box location, Arapahoe County residents can enter their address at

According to the county website, residents can send voted ballots back by mail with a paid postage. 

The county encourages voters returning ballots through the U.S. Mail to return them by Oct. 28. After this date, the county asks voters to use a 24-hour drop box or return the ballot to a Voter Service and Polling Center. 

Oct. 30 is the last day to request a mail ballot online. 

Another option for residents is to sign up for a curbside ballot pickup, which will be available starting Monday, Oct. 30 through election day. Residents can pick up their ballot at their convenience 

Residents can use the county’s free BallotTrax to check the status of their ballot online and sign up to get a text, email or phone message when the ballot has been mailed to you and received by Arapahoe County Elections. 

The county is also providing six Voter Service and Polling Centers around the county. These locations provide opportunities for residents to drop-off a voted ballot, request to vote in-person and register to vote in-person, update voter registration and request a replacement ballot. 

The Voter Service and Polling Centers will also be ADA compliant. The locations will include wheelchair-accessible voting booth, audio ballot and headphones, large font size on tablets and the ability to connect to a voter’s sip & puff or paddles. 

Voter Service and Polling Center locations:

  • Arapahoe County CentrePoint Plaza, located at 14980 E. Alameda Dr. 
  • Martin Luther King. Jr. Library, located at 9898 E Colfax Ave. 
  • Smoky Hill Library, located at 5430 S. Biscay Cir. 
  • Kelver Library, located at 585 S. Main St. 
  • Arapahoe County Lima Plaza, located at 6954 S. Lima St. 
  • Arapahoe Community College, located at 5900 S. Santa Fe. Dr. 

The Arapahoe County clerk and recorder’s website also provides citizens answers to frequently asked questions about the mail-in ballot, signing the envelope, voting in person, etc., at

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