Students get computer upgrades – Oct. 2, 2013

Georgetown Community School overhauled its aging computer lab and purchased 20 new desktop computers for $10,000, primarily thanks to the school’s fund-raising efforts. The older computers were originally purchased when the charter school opened in 2005.

Former resident finds ancient human bones – Oct. 6, 1993

A former Idaho Springs woman, Cyndi Mosch, was one of three cave explorers who discovered the bones of a man believed to have lived in Colorado approximately 8,000 years ago.The bones were among the oldest ever found on the North American continent and the oldest discovered above 10,000 feet, according to anthropology professor Dr. Patty Jo Watson.

Homecoming float incident leads to charges – Oct. 6, 1978

A 17-year-old Clear Creek Secondary School senior faced a series of traffic charges after recklessly driving a float around the football field, striking a running back. In the confusion, the driver escaped the scene but was arrested later that night after a high-speed chase.

Total taxable properties rises – Oct. 5, 1973

The total assessed valuation of all taxable properties in Clear Creek County jumped nearly $2.5 million from last year. The figure now sits at $37,133,840 compared to last year’s $34,701,810. County assessor Ray Barber said most of this increase comes from a $2 million jump in residential properties’ valuations.

The Clear Creek Courant was created in August of 1973. These items come from Courant’s historic archives. As it turns out, previous Courant writers had the same idea for the paper’s 25th anniversary. Their section was dubbed, “Olds: Not to be confused with news.” It lives on for an entire year to celebrate the paper’s 50th birthday.

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