I have been Sandi’s neighbor for many years, I have two children in the Clear Creek School District and I am an educator and administrator in Jeffco Public Schools. I am enthusiastically supporting Sandi Schuessler’s bid to continue representing our family and our community on the Clear Creek School Board.

Public schools are vital for local democracy. Sandi is the current school board president and for the past four years, she has been an advocate for student voice in education.

Sandi is knowledgeable about Colorado funding and budget issues, and she advocated to support teacher salary increases, including during the pandemic and voted to ratify the teachers union.

Sandi served on the Legislative Resolutions Committee with the Colorado Association of School Boards and is knowledgeable about policies that move K-12 education forward, including proposition HH on this year’s ballot which will slow property tax increases while reducing TABOR refunds.

She is adept at collaborating with other board members and the superintendent as well as the community, and she worked hard to build consensus around a 4-day school week, which has proven very popular.

Sandi has the experience, skills, and passion necessary to continue the momentum, excitement, and progress happening for our Clear Creek students, families, teachers, and staff.

Sandi has deep roots and broad networks in our community. She is a bilingual public school nurse who helps Denver kids with different abilities access the resources they need to grow and thrive. She is an active listener, hard worker and strong leader.

Our children deserve a school board director dedicated to their success. Sandi is just that person. Please mark your ballot for Sandi Schuessler for District A Director.

Sara Reich, Idaho Springs

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