A man standing at a podium, facing five people sitting behind a desk.
Mike Peterson, the Douglas County school board president, discussed the funding challenges the school district faces during a Sept. 5 meeting with the Lone Tree City Council. Credit: Tayler Shaw / Colorado Community Media

The Lone Tree City Council unanimously voted to support a yes vote on the Douglas County School District’s ballot issues 5A and 5B. 

For the Nov. 7 election, the school district will ask voters to approve a $66 million mill levy override and $484 million bond.

As previously reported by Colorado Community Media, if both the bond and mill levy override pass, then taxpayers would see a $20 increase per $100,000 of their residential property value. 

For example, a $1 million home would pay $200 per year. 

The mill levy override would be used to make compensation more competitive for teachers and staff in the school district, according to the city council’s resolution of support.

The resolution states, in part, “The nationwide teacher shortage and lack of competitive pay has caused Douglas County to receive fewer, and in some cases no, applicants for teaching positions such that the opportunity cost of not retaining teachers is to potentially not have teachers to fill the vacancies, which is an incalculable cost to students.”

On Sept. 5, School Board President Mike Peterson told the Lone Tree City Council that the need for funding is approaching a crisis level. 

“The biggest problem we’re facing is our competitiveness relative to other districts,” Peterson said. 

The bond initiative includes an investment in career and technical education opportunities as well as safety and security upgrades, according to the city’s resolution. 

The resolution states that an investment in career and technical education opportunities at the Douglas County School District Legacy Campus, which recently opened in Lone Tree, will “create a signature education experience” within the city. 

In its resolution, the Lone Tree City Council said the mill levy override and bond initiatives benefit the entire Douglas County community. 

However, some Douglas County voters have told Colorado Community Media that they do not see the value in the ballot measures. 

Those who are interested in learning more about the proposed ballot measures can visit funding.dcsdk12.org.

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