Douglas County school board candidates Brad Geiger, Susan Meek and Valerie Thompson stand outside a house with campaign literature while they canvas for their slate in Douglas County.
Douglas County school board candidates Brad Geiger, Susan Meek and Valerie Thompson canvas for their slate, the Community Voice, Community Choice coalition, in Douglas County. Geiger, Meek and Thompson are running on a platform of ensuring a safe, welcoming culture, supporting staff and restoring community trust. Credit: Photo Courtesy Community Voice, Community Choice coalition

More Douglas County school board candidates are teaming up to run as the Community Voice, Community Choice coalition.

Incumbent Susan Meek and candidates Brad Geiger and Valerie Thompson created the Community Voice, Community Choice coalition with a platform of attracting and retaining staff, building a safe and welcoming climate and culture, and restoring trust with the community. 

The coalition advocates for the $66 million mill levy override and the $484 million bond on the ballot this November, which would help the district increase staff pay and build new schools, respectively.

Meek currently represents the District A seat, which covers western Highlands Ranch, and is running for a second term against Andy Jones. Geiger is running for the District C seat, representing eastern Highlands Ranch, and faces David DiCarlo and Jason Page, who was appointed to the board in June. 

Thompson is running for the District F seat, covering south Parker and the Pinery, against Maria Sumnicht. 

Sumnicht and Thompson are running to replace school board member David Ray, who is term-limited.

In a statement announcing the coalition, Meek, Geiger and Thompson said they are dedicated to serving the district and representing the community’s voice.

Meek has spent 16 years working in public education and, as a school board member, helped draft the district’s original equity policy, supported the acquisition of the Legacy Campus for career and technical education, encouraged the return of accountability reporting and helped launch the new community engagement plan. 

Meek said her priorities include focusing on success for every student, creating an inclusive and safe environment and improving transparency and community engagement.

Geiger is an attorney who serves on the Juvenile Parole Board and has volunteered in the district for nine years on the Long Range Planning Committee and the Mill Bond Exploratory Committee. Geiger said he would focus on local solutions, addressing funding needs and creating a plan for areas of declining enrollment.

Thompson works in community health and health education and she sits on the District Accountability Committee and the Mill Bond Oversight Committee. Some of the priorities Thompson said she would have as a board member include putting students first, ensuring fiscal responsibility and supporting teachers and staff.

According to campaign finance records from the Secretary of State’s Office, the three candidates have raised almost $50,000. Meek has received $19,488, Geiger has raised $18,405 and Thompson has raised $11,278. 

The Community Voice, Community Choice coalition is the second slate of candidates to form for this election. Jones, Page and Sumnicht are running as the Best DCSD slate. 

The election is Nov. 7.  

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  1. These candidates are exactly what our Douglas County schools need – integrity, experience, courage. Their opponents are not up to the challenge.

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