Pumpkins on the ground
Several pumpkins sit carved with colorful faces at the Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns event in Littleton on Sept. 22, 2023. Credit: Photo by Elisabeth Slay

From the Hogwarts Express to a giant pirate ship and dinosaurs roaming the lands, residents kicked off the spooky season at the opening night of the Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns.

Hosted by 13th Floor Entertainment Group, the event was held on Sept. 22 at Hudson Gardens in Littleton.

The annual event features various displays including beloved Disney characters and favorite celebrities all entirely made out of carved pumpkins. 

“Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns is an all-ages event that takes place during the Halloween season where guests walk down a trail surrounded by thousands of beautifully carved pumpkins, high tech lighting displays, music and just a fall atmosphere surrounds them,” Amy Hollaman, regional manager, said. 

A mother and a daughter look at the Halloween displays on opening night of the Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns on Sept. 22. Photo by Elisabeth Slay 

Hollaman said there are over 5,000 real and foam pumpkins that have been hand carved for the event. 

Hollaman said the staff comes up with the various themes throughout the show. 

“You have your typical Halloween theme with bats and witches and skeletons and then there’s all different kinds of characters from gangsters to cartoons to a nautical seascape to a carnival as well as a pirate ship,” she said. 

13th Floor Entertainment Groups hosts the event and first opened it in Colorado three years ago. 

Hollaman said people always love walking through the Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns. 

 Many families view the whimsical pumpkin displays at the Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns event in Littleton on Sept. 22. Photo by Elisabeth Slay 

“It’s actually a pretty magical moment both for the guests and the staff. (People) know they’re going to see pumpkins, but they don’t realize they’re stepping into a whole magical world,” she said. 

Hallaman said the company loves creating the event at Hudson Gardens as it has great landscaping and it’s a great venue. 

The Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns is open to the public from now until Halloween. 

For more information on tickets and the experience visit https://magicofthejackolanterns.com

Denver couple Abraham Thompson and Arabelle Orvick enjoy the lighting, music and themed pumpkin displays at the Magic of the Jack O’Lanterns on Sept. 22. Photo by Elisabeth Slay

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