A missing teen poster with the smiling face of Ayla Reyes, and information about her case. The word FOUND appears across the poster.
Ayla Reyes had been missing since Aug. 7. Arvada Police found her on Sept. 25 in an incident that led to an arrest, a hospitalized officer and possibly more charges in the future. Credit: Photo courtesy Julie Mitchell

Overview: Missing Arvada teen Ayla Reyes comes home thanks to Arvada Police

Missing Arvada teen Ayla Reyes was found and returned home on Sept. 25, according to her family. 

Missing Arvada teen Ayla Reyes was found and returned home on Sept. 25, according to her family. 

Arvada Police Department confirmed but was not at liberty to divulge many details at this time, as the case is ongoing, according to APD Public Information Officer Dave Snelling.

However, Julie Mitchell, Reyes’ aunt, did share an update with the Jeffco Transcript via text message.

“Great news,” she said. “After seven weeks, Ayla was found by police Monday.”

According to APD, Reyes was in the company of a 30-year-old male suspect. 

The suspect and police got into an altercation that led to an officer’s hospitalization when he and Reyes were found, according to Snelling.

Snelling said the suspect is looking at multiple charges for an outstanding warrant for his arrest and added that other charges and information could be forthcoming. 

Mitchell wanted the public to know how grateful the family was for the help and support while her niece was missing. 

“Thanks so much to everyone for your care and concern,” she said.

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