Homeowners have shared their homes with travelers since Biblical times. Let the truth be said the upper-class elite do not want to share the majestic mountains with the mid and lower classes. I believe STRs support local businesses, pay taxes, help with overcrowded fire-prone campgrounds, encourage tourism, supplement fixed incomes and use fewer natural resources, than long term or full-time residential use. Would you like someone telling you couldn’t have a hot tub, to cut down your trees, and who you can have visit your home? STR Property owners take better care of their properties inside and out and monitor set rules for guests. Giving the government more and more power hurts all U.S. citizens. The U.S. Constitution protects individuals’ private property rights and encourages entrepreneurism. Do not let the selfish upper class and the local governments make more rules, fees and taxes by telling citizens what they can do within their STR property lines.

Susan Mead, Conifer

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