When we get our ballots in mid-October, we will have the opportunity to vote for City Council and School Board candidates – all very important races. The City Council race is really about how we will develop the remaining 20% of Arvada’s developable land.

One group of candidates, largely backed and funded by developers and builders, is ready to build more luxury housing. The other group of candidates – Lauren Simpson for Mayor, Sharon Davis for at-large and Shawna Ambrose for District 2 – would work to make sure that future development is made up of homes that are affordable for working families like nurses, teachers and seniors. Furthermore, Lauren, Sharon, and Shawna care about building the infrastructure to support new and existing development in Arvada. Also, they will work to ensure that new homes are built with environmental sustainability in mind.

If you care about keeping future development in Arvada accessible for all of us, not just the wealthiest, please vote for Lauren Simpson, Sharon Davis and Shawna Ambrose.

Robin Kupernik, Arvada

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