A float celebrating Golden High School's 150th year moves down Washington Avenue during the Homecoming Parade. Credit: Sara Hertwig

Golden High School’s Sept. 22 homecoming parade was 150 years in the making.

Generations of past, present and future Demons took to Washington Avenue on their way to the annual homecoming football game that evening. Alumni, school teams and clubs, and other local groups held banners and hosted floats to honor Homecoming Week and the school’s sesquicentennial.

Once the crowds of maroon and white had made their way to Colorado School of Mines’ Marv Kay Stadium, Golden defeated Palisade 27-12 and advanced to 4-1 on the season.

With the sun down, the Demons could clearly see Mount Zion’s usual “M” for Mines lit up with a “G” for Golden instead, to celebrate GHS’ sesquicentennial and Homecoming Week. The “G” was scheduled to be in place through Sept. 24, Mines officials confirmed.

Click through the Transcript’s photo gallery of the Sept. 22 homecoming parade here:

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