Legend dominates Douglas County in recent league play Credit: Jim Benton

Legend had an easy 8-0 Continental League boys’ soccer win over Douglas County on Sept. 19, but Titans’ head coach Daniel Pennington isn’t taking anything for granted.

The Titans scored seven goals in the second half, improving their overall record to 5-1-1 and 3-0 in league play.

Douglas County dropped to 2-4 overall, and 0-2 in the league.

“We have to stay consistent and not get ahead of ourselves,” said Pennington after the lopsided win at Echo Park Stadium. “At times in the past, we’ve got ahead of ourselves, and we’ve seen our performances drop. 

“Right now, clearly, we are in a great spot at 5-1-1. We’ve got some tough games coming up, so we have to make sure we keep pushing forward. I know we can still get better. We have to find a way to do that.”

After the Sept. 19 game, the Titans had three of the top four scorers in the Continental League.

Senior Caleb Graham, the league’s leading scorer, had two goals against the Huskies. Senior Bradly Venalonzo and classmate Gustav Blom also had two goals. Senior Ryan Stewart had a goal and assist and sophomore Elias Jahan also had a tally.

Graham swelled his point total to 18 on eight goals and two assists. Venalonzo, ranked third in the league, has eight goals and 16 points, while Stewart, who is fourth among the league’s leading scorers, now has six goals and three assists for 15 points.

It took a while, but Pennington was pleased with what he witnessed against Douglas County.

“We did well at the end,” he related. “We were very slow to start which was not our quality. We came out the second half and showed what we can do.

 “There were a lot of good performances all around.

There were a lot of players you could pick out. Our defense was very solid and they didn’t give up a whole lot of opportunities.”

 After a non-league game against Doherty, Legend faces league games on Sept. 26 against Heritage and Sept. 28 against Chaparral.

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