The three-member board of Douglas county commissioners once again is in the news over infighting between themselves. It is embarrassing and dysfunctional. What county business is actually getting done? County funds are being spent on lawyers’ fees instead of for the taxpayers’ needs.

Lora Thomas has once again stirred the pot against Abe Laydon and George Teal. Why won’t she just rubber-stamp all decisions made by these two men like a good little woman? The men always know what is best. This is what constantly seems to be coming out of commissioners’ meetings.

Douglas County has grown dramatically in the last decade. We should increase the commissioners to five. And instead of career politicians being on the board as in the case of Ms. Thomas or career land developers Mr. Laydon and Mr. Teal we should open the county to others with great concern for our county. Individuals with fire/safety experience, water/irrigation expertise, transportation knowledge and even longtime ranchers and farmers comes to mind.

The new 190 condo/80 townhome development by Lokal Homes in Lone Tree is a prime example of development over county safety, water use and increased traffic issues by our county commissioners. Though the FAA strongly opposes the new development, the City of Lone Tree approved this Hazard. Douglas County had to approve it before being approved by Lone Tree. Why?

It is being built just 2.5 miles southwest of one of the busiest runways for Centennial Airport and they don’t see a problem. Centennial Airport is the second busiest commercial airport in the nation. Second only to Trenton, NJ. And it brings in millions of dollars to the surrounding community. It wasn’t too many years ago that a plane crash just a few hundred feet from the new development sent a spinning prop into a home nearby. What do they think will happen when a larger jet crashes into the condos? A warning to new residence owners that they have a 24-hour busy airport just 2.5 miles to the north of them does not suffice.

Lora Thomas should resign. Douglas County comissioners must be increased to five from three. And a more diversified group of commissioners must be elected.

Gail McDonnell

Castle Rock

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