Pertaining to the Sept. 14 article in the Highlands Ranch Herald that gave detailed information about the ongoing construction at the intersection of Quebec, University and Lincoln:

Thank you to Daniel Roberts for the update on the project’s progress and efforts to minimize the impact on traffic congestion. However, I take issue with the dismissive way the problem of cut-through traffic in certain neighborhoods was addressed. Simply, it wasn’t, and hasn’t been since the project started.

I happen to live on a street that is a cut-through for Quebec commuters, and at certain times of the day, those of us on the street are unable to get out of our own driveways due to the constant stream of cars using the street as their personal bypass. It’s basically like a traffic jam on the freeway.

The problem is destroying the peace and tranquility that everyone has a right to expect in their neighborhood. I have personally witnessed two verbal confrontations between people who live in the neighborhood and those cutting through. It’s only a matter of time before it escalates and becomes a more serious issue.

As Roberts indicated, a barrier was installed at the start of the project to prevent using the neighborhood as a cut-through to Lincoln. This was the same tactic used years ago when the last big project happened at the intersection, and it basically eliminated the cut-through problem and was apparently acceptable to all back then. This time it was removed immediately due to, according to Roberts, discussions with the “leadership team,” the sheriff’s office and some undefined “safety concerns.”

What’s changed? What are these safety concerns? The only change that I can see is perhaps with the “leadership team” and someone with clout who doesn’t want to be personally inconvenienced. And as for the comment that public works discourages people from cutting through neighborhoods, or that there are signs stating local traffic only, get real. No one pays attention to either.

I would ask Mr. Roberts and the Douglas County Public Works Department to reinstall the barricade and save my neighborhood.

And to those who use the cut-through and say quit whining because it’s a public street, I say if it was your neighborhood, you’d be singing a different tune.

Tom Buehner

Highlands Ranch

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