September 13, 2023 — The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society announced that their first book, Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume 1, will be published on September 15 by Colorado-based startup publisher Polymath Press. The book was written by Rocky Mountain Paranormal members Robert Lewis and Bryan Bonner and collects many of the organization’s investigative reports from approximately 25 years of scientific paranormal claims investigation.

A Quarter-Century of Case Files

Rocky Mountain Paranormal has approximately 25 years of experience investigating paranormal claims. Unlike many paranormal investigation services, Rocky Mountain Paranormal does not employ psychics, demonologists, or anyone claiming particular expertise in unknown phenomena. Rather, they are a dedicated group of individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds well-suited to the investigation of unusual, paranormal, or fringe claims. Though their investigative approach is a skeptical one, their even-handed and open-minded approach has earned the respect of believers and non-believers alike.

Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume 1 contains 27 chapters direct from Rocky Mountain Paranormal’s investigative archives, including both private residences and some of Colorado’s most famous alleged haunts. Also including nearly 75 photographs and illustrations and several informative essays, the book represents what Terror Tales director Jimmy Lee Combs called “the most comprehensive compilation of Colorado haunts” and Ghosts: A Haunted History author Lisa Morton said is “written not just with a scientist’s quest for truth but also a novelist’s attention to pacing and background.”

First Book from Polymath Press

Polymath Press is a startup independent publishing house based in Aurora, Colorado. It was founded by author and Rocky Mountain Paranormal member Robert Lewis with a stated goal of publishing only the finest in both fiction and non-fiction. Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society Volume 1 is their first book.

The book will be available directly from the Polymath Press website ( and anywhere books are sold beginning September 15. It is currently available for pre-order. Additionally, Polymath Press is releasing an exclusive limited edition of the book available only at the Colorado Festival of Horror running September 15-17 at the Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows.

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