The county commissioners’ office and role is to be “responsible under state statute for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.” I have had enough of the antics and games being played by the commissioners. It is taking away their credibility as a sound organization. Constant reprimands to Lora Thomas should not be the role of Commissioners Laydon and Teal.

How did we even get to this point? It is shameful and shows a great deal of dysfunction. Why did Laydon and Teal use county funds to investigage Thomas and then ask her to pay her own personal money to counter the offense for legal fees?

If you say you are going to pay back the funds for Harvard training then do so, Mr. Laydon.

Commissioner Thomas needs to be able to do her job, give her the access to the credit card instead of basically again asking her to use personal money. It’s time for a five-person commissioner board or have a full-time mediator in place because this isn’t working anymore. I think the people Douglas County have had enough of this.

Kyra Storojev


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