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A parking dispute has developed over the past couple of years between a long standing restaurant and hotel that includes a retail and dining experience. 

Tim Cao, the owner of August Moon Asian Grill and Bar on Mainstreet in Parker, is worried for his business of more than 25 years as his restaurant has gained a negative reputation. 

Located at 18651 E Mainstreet, August Moon Asian Grill and Bar is one of the first independent restaurants in Parker and over the past couple of years, Cao said he and his business has been criticized on social media. 

Cao says he has struggled with people parking in his parking lot but then going to Ascent on Main, located at 18595 E Mainstreet, to dine and shop, leading him to have vehicles towed.

Cao’s restaurant is adjacent to Ascent on Main with a small road, Stage Run Road, that runs in between. 

Ascent on Main, previously known as the Laszlo Hotel, was built on the Twenty Mile Village property between Dransfeldt Road and Twenty Mile Road and opened in late 2019. 

Constructed as a four-story mixed-use development, the hotel includes 51 hotel rooms, Doug’s Diner, West Main Taphouse, Upper Deck, the Douglas Kitchen and Cocktails as well as retail on the first floor. 

According to town documents from February of 2020, provided by Cao, the total occupancy for the development is over 900. 

Due to the number of people attending Ascent on Main, Cao said he has called towing companies to keep parking spots open for his own customers. 

Through legal means, Cao now has ownership of his parking lot, which allows him to put up the private parking signs. 

The towing company is Wyatt’s Towing, which is currently under investigation for predatory practices following complaints filed with the Public Utilities Commission in the past year. 

Cao said he does not get a single penny from the number of cars being towed by Wyatt’s Towing, he said he is just trying to protect his property. 

One of the comments Cao said he sees the most is people saying they are never going back to the establishment. 

Multiple reviews on Google Reviews, Yelp and TripAdvisor give Cao’s restaurant a low rating and often warn others about the possibility of their vehicle being towed, even when the lot is empty. 

Cao recently met with the mayor of Parker in hopes of resolving the situation.

Mayor Jeff Toborg understands there is a real issue with parking in the area. 

“You’ve got two pretty successful restaurants, you’ve got the hotel, you’ve got the restaurants within the hotel, clearly that wasn’t enough parking in hindsight,” said Toborg. 

Toborg said he is going to take another look at the situation as there has to be some improved parking, which might involve working with future development. 

Additionally, because there is no longer a shared parking agreement, the parking lot where August Moon Asian Grill and Bar and Thrashin’ Axes is, is solely Cao’s, said Toborg, and is his personal property. 

The general manager of Ascent on Main did not wish to comment on any parking dispute.