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The sixth annual Tiny Home Festival returned to Riverdale Park on June 24 and 25, showcasing some big ideas with small footprints.

The park was busy, with many people lining up to see each one of a kind of custom-built home. Each tiny house ranged from 400 square to larger, with amenities like full-size washers, dryers, and kitchen appliances.

Legislators approved  the Colorado Tiny House Bill, House Bill 22-1242, that creates construction standards for theand , makes the event more timely than ever.

“This new legislation will make tiny home living in Colorado a more viable option,” said Art Laubach, Colorado Tiny House Festival organizer. “The legislation will protect
consumers setting standards for tiny home building and manufacturing in Colorado.”

Laubach said since the Colorado Tiny House Bill passed, it will be better next year now that they are opening up the building code, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It’s an organization that handles standards.

“The building code has been approved as part of the new bill, which was in effect beginning of July. Next year, the ASTM code we hope it will be approved nationally”, Laubach said.

“So if you wanted to build a tiny home,  let’s say in Missouri and you want to bring it to Colorado, then it you would be able to get the inspection done. Its would be more viable.”

“The legislation will also provide a path for counties to recognize tiny homes as permanent dwellings and open up financing opportunities,” Laubach continued.

There are several places where tiny home living is already legal in Colorado, including El Paso
County, Park County, Durango, Leadville, Lyons, and Woodland Park.