On April 22, The Colorado Sun reported that 100% — 100%! — of the fish sampled at popular fishing spots in Jefferson County tested positive for PFAS. They’re called forever chemicals for a reason: they never go away. So we must stop using them where healthier alternatives exist. A bill recently cleared a House committee at the Colorado General Assembly that will phase out PFAS altogether in many common household items. Under this bill, products containing PFAS, including carpeting, cookware, cosmetics, fabric treatments, food packaging, children’s’ products and other household items would be banned for sale in Colorado by Jan. 1, 2024. This gives businesses and consumers time to make a transition while promising protections from these unhealthy chemicals for us and our children (and our fish!). Thank you to our own HD 25 Rep. Lisa Cutter for sponsoring this thoughtful and important bill. 

Rhonda Dern, Evergreen