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In Littleton, the Bemis Library exhibit juried by Chris Stevens from Curtis Center for the Arts ends April 29, so readers will have to hurry to see it, but next will be a new exhibit by Paint Box Guild of Littleton at Denver Community Credit Union, 101 W. Mineral Ave. (at Broadway), May 6 through July and an exhibit at Centennial’s Koelbel Library, to be hung on Sept. 12, running through October, as well as an exhibit at Littleton’s Buck Center in October, according to a current newsletter sent to the Guild’s 40 members. (Each notice says how many pieces can fit in the allotted space.) An exhibit is also at Elsewear Collectives in downtown Littleton, to come down in May.

“Steer’s Lookin’ at You” won Best of Show in the Bemis exhibit and the artist, Sue Williams, also took first place for her angular “Attic Lights.” Second place was awarded to Richard Simpson for “Parry’s Primrose” while third place went to active member Merrie Wicks for “Moonlight Express.”

Membership in this busy organization, established in 1973 by Lucille Grisham, includes monthly meetings during the school year at Littleton First Presbyterian Church, 1609 W. Littleton Blvd. Annual dues are $35. An instructor appears once a month September through May to teach new techniques ($10 fee) and, of course, members continually learn from each other through the years. On April 20, Richard Simmons instructed artists about acrylic painting methods.

Guild members paint together each Wednesday at the church from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and for the three summer months, they move outside for plein air sessions, individually or with others as arranged. This activity level leads to lots of artwork that can be enjoyed by the community around Littleton. (Here’s a spot to remind readers that original art is a wonderful, truly special gift for a newlywed pair, a person in a first apartment away from home, a recent graduate or perhaps a friend with a birthday.)

There is an annual PBG Fall painting trip as well — last September it involved three nights in Trinidad, where the new Fisher’s Peak State Park opened last year (the Bemis exhibit included a handsome watercolor of the peak by Shirley Conrad).

The summer trip included nocturnal painting in Trinidad, according to member Shainne De Tamble, who generously spent some time with me last week for an update. The Paint Box Guild has 40 active members at present.

For information, see paintboxguildlittleton.org. This website includes examples of member work and a schedule for the next year, which is still a work in progress.

Other active art groups in the south area include Littleton Fine Arts Guild and Heritage Fine Arts Guild. Instruction is available through these groups as well as at Arapahoe Community College, Curtis Center for the Arts and with some individual instructors in the area. It’s a really nice way to add a new dimension to one’s life …