I was reading and comparing the websites for the current Douglas County sheriff’s candidates and the message of one candidate really stood out – Holly Kluth’s. Her vision for the sheriff’s department is straightforward. Holly Kluth is laser focused on public safety for both citizens and our youth, the well-being and preparedness of the sheriff’s deputies and staff, true fiscal responsibility (not just “cutting budgets”), and protection of all our rights as citizens.

Kluth’s credentials are truly admirable: she has served the sheriff’s office for over 30 years and has been instrumental in making Douglas County the great (and safe) place to live, work and play we all enjoy today. No other candidate can say that. I encourage people to review Holly’s impressive background and leadership vision for themselves on her web page.

In following this race for Douglas County sheriff, I have spoken with or heard other candidates speak. Holly Kluth does not have that politician “vibe” that others do. She is focused on the needs of our county and has the direct experience in policing, community involvement, and agency collaboration to keep Douglas County the safe and thriving community we know.

The real decision for this sheriff’s race will be made on June 28, primary Election Day. Please do not wait for the November general election, we need to ensure this outstanding candidate wins the primary election. I will entrust Douglas County to Holly Kluth’s proven servant leadership with my vote on June 28.

Jan Cook