To paraphrase the late actor Peter Finch in the movie “Network,” a handful of Weld RE-8 School District parents are mad about bullying and they’re not going to take it. 

During an Re-8 school board meeting April 28, no specifics were mentioned, other than to say related emails had been exchanged between some parents and the board members. The email exchanges were not readily available pending review by the district attorney. Some of the emails contain names of employees. 

“I hope this doesn’t happen next year,” said parent Amanda Galicia. “If it keeps continuing, I hope everyone is ready for the consequences that are going to happen.” 

One parent told the board she and her husband are considering transferring their daughter, even at the expense of state high-school athletic rules that will force her to miss one season of competition. 

Angelina Garza-Alarcon was quite direct. Her son, D’mitri, is a two-time state wrestling champion. 

“This shit needs to stop,” she told the board. “I hold my kids accountable for what they do. But I tell them if somebody comes for them, they should hit back. I’m tired of her (her daughter) being bullied. This needs to stop. I’m not going to let my kid be pummeled. She knows how to fight.” 

The school board did not respond to any of the comments. Before the parents spoke, board President Susan Browne welcomed the comments but cautioned the speakers not to mention anyone by name and to be respectful. 

No one from the district responded to the emails that prompted the April 28 speeches. At the end of the meeting, Superintendent Alan Kaylor said he could acknowledge receipt. Board member Michelle Bettger didn’t think that was enough. 

“I would like to see us come up with some automatic thing we can agree on,” she said. “I think it’s rude not to respond.”