The Weld Re-8 School District nurse wants the district to allow the use of Narcan in emergency situations.

Paula Samide made the request of the school board during an April 28 meeting. 

“If someone is having an emergency or an overdose, we can get the kids or the staff member taken care of until EMS can get there,” she told the board. “Narcan needs to be on site, just like an epipen.”

She suggested adding Narcan training to the district’s existing CPR classes.

“What brought this on was a couple of kids in Brighton who got into Mom and Dad’s stash,” she said. “Fentanyl is a real big provblem. Administrators can go into lockers and be exposed to it without knowing it.”

Superintendent Alan Kaylor said as a person, Narcan “scares the bejeebers out of me” and asked who could administer the drug until help arrived.

“Anyone can do it,” Samide said. “In Kentucky, they are training 6-year-olds to do it in case their parents overdose.”

School resource officers in the district carry Narcan. But Samide said there are two such officers for six district buildings.

“They can’t be in six places at once,” she said. “Someone there can administer it jntil the SROs or the EMS shows up. Somebody can administer it, and somebost can call 911.”

Kaylor said he would bring a proposed policy to the board for its May 26 meeting.