Windscreens for Wulf tennis courts

More windscreens will be installed along the fences at the Wulf Recreation Center tennis courts to keep winds from interfering with tennis matches.

The Evergreen High School girls tennis booster club has found someone to donate windscreens along more fenced areas, adding to those already attached to the fences. Brooks Barwell, booster club president, told the Evergreen Park & Recreation District board on April 26 that the booster club hopes to use the signs to also promote EHS, the tennis team and EPRD.

Board members generally favored the plan, though they wanted staff to check on Jefferson County and district policies on advertising, and on the height of the windscreens. Staff members expressed concern that if the windscreens were too tall, they could possibly damage the fencing.

“I think it’s great,” board member Peter Lindquist said. “Somebody else is paying for it, and it enhances the courts.”


Evergreen Lake North Trail

The Evergreen Lake North Trail project is inching closer to construction.

Evergreen Park & Recreation District representatives are working with Jefferson County to get floodplain and grading permits, and once that occurs, the project can be put out for bid. They hope bid requests will go out by the end of May.

“Not until we get the bids back can we see what the price volatility is and how to keep on schedule,” Liz Cohen, the district’s grants and development coordinator, told the EPRD board on April 26. She said the expectation was that construction would take place in the fall, with detours in place.

Evergreen Parkway along the lake will be down to one lane, and the detour will divert northbound traffic through downtown Evergreen to Meadow Drive while southbound traffic will travel on Evergreen Parkway.

Plans call for a 10-foot-wide concrete trail along Evergreen Parkway and a soft-surface trail along the lakeshore. Construction is being funded with nearly $4.5 million in grants from the Denver Regional Council of Governments, Colorado the Beautiful and local groups including the Evergreen Metropolitan District and the Evergreen Legacy Fund.

Once the new trail is built, it will not be plagued with washouts like the current trail, which has been closed on and off for several years.

At this point, Cohen said, trail construction will not overlap with construction on Highway 73 between Plettner Lane and Buffalo Park Road that is expected to start in 2023.