Please consider this installment in the campaign to stop Full Send Bike Ranch.

In their Jan. 6, 2021 presentation to Conifer area residents (yes, given over a year ago and never amended), Full Send Bike Ranch states it “has potential to become a Conifer Area Forest Fire Evacuation asset.” The utterance typifies every fabrication and invention FSBR has published since the start of its campaign. Analysis shows it has all been fabrication and invention, verbiage likely prompted by the Colorado State Land Board.

“Forest Fire Evacuation Assets” do not exist, according to Elk Creek Fire Protection District (ECFPD) Deputy and Fire Chief Jacob N. Ware, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control, CalFire (California state fire authority) and Woodruff Shaw, a leading nationwide fire insurance company,

FSBR can mitigate fire risk on 230-500 of the 50,000 acres within which it plans to reside. No Conifer area resident will evacuate to this tiny plot in the middle of the foremost wildfire risk in the state. It is extremely unlikely that ECFPD or anyone would deploy its equipment, much less allow evacuation, to a location so easily engulfed. Add the likelihood that a fire will originate at FSBR, either during construction or normal operation, as it hopes to attract 4,000 ignition sources weekly to its locale. Finally, FSBR will clog or sever one of only two wildfire evacuation routes available to Shadow and lower Black Mountain residents, either through emptying its own parking lot or because it started the wildfire itself.

Explore and to help avert the travesty that is FSBR.
G. Scott O’Connell, Conifer