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For high school students, attending prom can feel a bit like being a Hollywood star or a member of royalty.

The formal evening wear; the memorable entrances; and the feeling that all eyes are on you can make one feel like they’re walking the red carpet. Plus, some members of the group are literally crowned and recognized by their peers.

About 120 Clear Creek High School students and guests attended Prom 2022 April 23 at the Crystal Rose on Golden’s Lookout Mountain. There were lots of twinkling lights and starry decor, as this year’s theme was “Written in the Stars.”

There, the seniors crowned Caden Vogt and Rose Miller as prom king and queen. Juniors Isaiah Herrygers and Samantha Zebroski were also named prom prince and princess.

While prom is more formal in concept, it doesn’t have to feel that way in execution. CCHS students enjoyed forming dance circles during “Billie Jean,” performing “The Cha Cha Slide” and taking silly photos in the photo booth. Thus, the event felt like a perfect mixture of the formal and the familiar.