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Local thrift stores are seeing more donations as people begin to tackle spring cleaning.

Jackie Smith, owner of Creating Space Home Organizing in Evergreen, helps people organize and let go of things in their homes. This time of year, she sees people getting motivated to tackle more of these projects. She said this is in part due to people’s relationship with nature.

“It’s a time of rebirth, it’s a time of renewal,” she said. “We’re on the same wavelength with nature.”

Whatever your philosophy, thrift stores are seeing the results of people cleaning out unwanted items.

EAPL Thrift Shop manager Elizabeth Pruitt said this is the start of the busy season at their store.

“We definitely do see an increase in donations this time of year,” she said.

As an incentive to donate, EAPL offers coupons to come shop in the store when people donate.

EChO Resale Shop also sees more activity during spring cleaning.

“We do definitely see a little bit more of a surplus this time of year,” said supervisor Sam Austin. “There are a lot of nice items that come through.”

EChO Resale Shop also is currently working on moving the thrift store over to Meadow Drive in Evergreen to be with the food bank and other operations.

Smith says when starting to tackle spring organizing and cleaning projects, to make sure you start with what you find yourself called to, and if you get overwhelmed, examine the big decisions to make things easier.

“Everything is working towards that renewal and that restart and that growing and blooming,” Smith said. “People are less hesitant at this time of year.”

If you get stuck or overwhelmed, professionals like Smith offer home organizing, staging and consignment help. Smith says the best first approach is to throw open the windows and “feel into what’s right for you at the moment.”