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The Morrison Board of Trustees welcomed its new mayor and board members at its April 19 meeting.

Family and friends were in attendance to see Chris Wolfe take his new position as mayor, as well as welcome Adam Way to the board. 

The new board passed resolutions thanking former mayor Sean Forey and former mayor pro-tem Deb Jerome for their service for the people of Morrison. The new board also elected trustee Katie Gill as the mayor pro-tem. 

Trustee Katie Gill reminisced on her time working with Jerome, thanking her for her service.

“Deb is the most thorough, reliable, thoughtful, fair and dedicated person on this board, no offense to anyone else. The level of work she puts into it, the thought she puts into it, I’m personally really going to miss her. When I have questions I call Deb, and I’m still going to call her, ” Gill said.

Former mayor Sean Forey said he was grateful for the rapport he held with residents of Morrison while mayor.

“I really appreciate everyone who picked up the phone and called me,” he said.

The board also approved the Morrison Police Department’s application for a HVE (DUI) grant. The department plans to apply for $10,000, which will go toward high visibility enforcement of DUIs. The police department begins official duties on Sunday, May 1.