Why are you running for office?

I recognize and appreciate the critical need to provide our community with a reliable source of clean water, and the proper collection, treatment and discharge processing of our wastewater. I am running for reelection to contribute my experience, expertise and insights to help advise, manage and support Evergreen Metropolitan District and its employees, who provide this service to our community.


 Why are you the best candidate for the position, especially governing a district whose operations are technical?

Having served as a director since 2016, I have acquired a keen understanding and knowledge of EMD’s operations and management challenges. Through our regular meetings and onsite project visits, I have fostered close and trusted working relationships with all of EMD’s in-house personnel and technical experts, and in a similar fashion, with outsourced technical experts brought in to assist us.


What experience or expertise do you bring to the EMD board?

I am a retired U.S. Army colonel, having served 25 years on active duty at home and abroad. I have also served a three-year tour with the Department of State as the senior legal adviser to the Iraqi Minister of Justice in Baghdad, Iraq. With this experience, I have developed specialized knowledge and skills in effectively advising, managing and leading multidisciplined teams of professionals and support personnel in challenging environments. I am adept at addressing myriad tasks and projects with conflicting and shifting priorities and managing limited resources to achieve successful results.


What are the three biggest challenges facing EMD?

Recruiting, retaining and supporting EMD personnel; sustaining and improving clean water and wastewater processing; budgeting financial resources to achieve operational goals and objectives.


How do you propose tackling those challenges?

Recruiting, retaining and supporting EMD personnel: Operational success is only achieved if team personnel are treated with respect and support. EMD does an outstanding job in this regard by constantly monitoring, adapting and revising its personnel management policies and practices; Sustaining and improving clean water and wastewater processing: EMD must intensely monitor a vast infrastructure of equipment, piping, valves, reservoirs, collection points, lift stations, etc., to ensure our clean water and treatment of wastewater into effluent discharge for reuse; Budgeting financial resources to achieve operational goals: EMD’s administration department provides accounts receivable/payable, payroll and outsourced accounting review services.


What would you do to promote openness and transparency in government?

EMD takes significant effort and pride in keeping our community informed about its operations and available services. This is effectively done through statement mailings, our website (evergreenmetro.colorado.gov), sign postings, and with a courteous and responsive team of customer support personnel reachable by phone or email.


How should EMD respond to requests for water and sewer for large developments, especially when those developments are usually highly charged in the community?

EMD does not approve or disapprove large developments projects. EMD focuses on supplying our community with a reliable source of clean water and the effective treatment of wastewater for safe return downstream. Its team of professionals assist residents, commercial enterprises and development proposals in determining if those services are available based on our finite supply of resources.


As EMD has seen drought conditions for many years, how can EMD improve communication with constituents, so they follow the rules?

EMD is fortunate and proud to serve a community that is already acutely aware of the finite and fragile nature of our water supply. Our community knows EMD will notify them with mailings, sign postings, local media and on its website when drought conditions exist requiring community action. When drought conditions develop, EMD has a responsive Water Conservation Plan detailed on its website (evergreenmetro.org) that outlines voluntary and mandatory actions and restrictions to effectively manage our water supply.


Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I have lived in Evergreen since 2013 and spent four years serving as a volunteer firefighter for Evergreen Fire. I am an avid hiker, reader and enjoy taking advantage of the trails surrounding us.