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Corrected ballots will be sent to over 3,500 permanent absentee voters in the Highlands Ranch Metro District for the upcoming May election after a typo was discovered April 14. 

Mailed ballots asked voters to select up to four candidates on the ballot without specifying that voters need to choose one candidate in each of the four director district regions. When staff realized the mistake, they contacted the designated election official to issue corrected ballots. 

Spokesperson Kari Larese said the district has a list of the people who received the incorrect ballots and will be reaching out to them directly to communicate the error. All permanent absentee voters will receive corrected mail ballots.

New ballots will be mailed and should arrive within the next week, according to a release from the Metro District. Corrected ballots will also be available on May 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the polling location at 62 Plaza Drive, Highlands Ranch. 

Anyone who has already returned a ballot will have to revote because the incorrect ballots will be invalidated, Larese said.

In the Northwest Region, candidates Eric T. Rysner and Scott A. Densmore are running. Carolyn Schierholz and Robert W. Mainger are running in the South Central Region. West Central Region Candidates are Curtis R. Hanock and Mark A. Dickerson. 

Only one person, David Simonson, is running in the Southeast Region. 

Voters can clarify they have the correct ballot, as well as sign up to receive an absentee ballot through April 26, by reaching out to the designated election official at elections@crsofcolorado.com or 303-381-4960.

Eligible voters can also vote in-person on May 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the polling location on Plaza Drive.