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Why are you running for the EPRD board and why are you the best candidate for the position? 

I want to become more involved in governing bodies in the area. I am the best candidate because of my expertise in special district administration and management and financial management. As a CPA and CGMA, I have over 45 years of experience auditing and managing nonprofits and governmental organizations and over 20 years of active management of special districts in Colorado, and my company manages over 150 special districts that I work with, as well as being an experienced district manager and an active managerial and financial consultant for special districts. In 2004, I was awarded Special District of the Year in Colorado for operations excellence. 

What is the rec district’s greatest asset? 

The staff and operations experience and stability of the district.

What are the three biggest challenges facing the rec district? 

Maintaining the appropriate funding for operations and recreational programs, maintaining district assets, and maintaining an excellent and well-trained staff.

How do you propose tackling those challenges? 

Careful review of the operations and finances of the district and implementing change where it is deemed necessary.

What experience or expertise would you bring to the EPRD board? 

Certifications as a CPA and CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant). Over 45 years as a manager, CPA and auditor specializing in nonprofit and governmental accounting. Extensive project management experience for projects up to $85 million and including the construction of pipelines, office facilities and outdoor wildlife habitats. My education includes degrees in accounting, business law, an MBA specializing in business management and my PhD work was in organizational performance and change adaptation and implementation.

What would you do to promote openness and transparency in government? 

I would ensure that anything that I was involved with that did not constitute a breach of confidentiality, such as a personnel matter or something that was a violation of attorney-client privilege, was fully disclosed and open to public review and comment.

Should EPRD ask voters for a bond in 2023? If yes, what projects should the bond pay for? If no, why not? 

No. The district does not need to burden the taxpayers with any additional debt at this time.

Two proposals have been presented for indoor fields in the last two years. What are your thoughts on EPRD constructing such a facility? 

The cost of building such facilities would put too much of a financial burden on the district and district residents, and I do not believe that the cost/benefit is worth the tax burden and should not be considered.

Should EPRD seriously consider expanding its boundaries to include Conifer? 

Not unless the area residents of Conifer have no other options and only if the majority of the Conifer residents desire to be included within the district.

EPRD’s strategic plan is outdated. How important is a strategic plan to EPRD’s future? 

It is extremely important for all business operations to have a plan in place as a guideline but know that it is a model that has to be fluid.

Is there anything else you’d like voters to know about you?

No response.