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Lorene “LoLo” Klopfenstein, a baker and treat decorator at Coffee Bean N  Bakery, did not always create elaborate cakes and cookies; she started out cooking in Indiana. 

Married at 18, Klopfenstein started cooking at youth retreats through her ministry. She then spent time cooking for elites at private residences, and eventually found her way to Colorado. 

Baking in Colorado is not the same as in Indiana, Klopfenstein quickly found out when she moved here over 10 years ago. 

“Yeast in Colorado is way different than in Indiana,” she said. 

Klopfenstein also spent time as a preschool teacher. She carries those lessons and memories with her as she bakes and creates her edible art.

“My inner child comes out,” she said.

While she formed her bread dough into a festive lamb for the Easter holiday, Klopfenstein likened it to the joy of opening a new can of PlayDough. 

Klopfenstein talked through each step of building her bread creation, harkening back to her past as a teacher. 

Klopfenstein decorated a cake to look like an Easter basket, complete with a chocolate bunny and grass. She said she gets inspiration for her desserts often by wandering around the store and checking out what they have to offer. 

Klopfenstein said the best part about her job is getting to be creative.

“I love the creative part. Art is my absolute favorite thing,” she said. 

She loves to make and decorate cookies, and outside of food she likes to draw and do felting crafts. 

“Now, most of my art is all food,” she said. 

Klopfenstein likes to march to the beat of her own drum, and create desserts that she thinks people will love; she often just tries things and sees what happens. 

“Nobody can tell me I’m wrong because it’s my own doing,” she said. 

To inquire about custom treats from LoLo, reach out to Coffee Bean N Bakery in Pine.