The city of Fort Lupton is eyeing a projected population growth rate of 3 percent a year. City staff said it received 195 housing permits in 2021.

Public Works Director Roy Vestal wants to find a way to reserve 2 million gallons of wastewater in anticipation of that growth rate. He outlined his plan to Fort Lupton City Council during an April 12 town hall.

Large, commercial entities aren’t on the city’s radar just yet. But Vestal cautioned a business such as a data processor could use rather large amounts of water because of the need for cooling towers.

“I’ve seen one or two operations, like a cannery, come into towns and then shying away because of the cost of water,” Vestal said. “Frankly, with the economy, I don’t know how they can afford to do something like that.”

“Do you see a large commercial growth?” asked Mayor Zo Stieber.

“I found nothing that’s feasible,” he said.

At its peak last year, the city treated 1.6 million gallons of wastewater per day, a figure Vestal called “still within our operating parameter.” Vestal said the future flow capacity could be close to 6 million gallons a day, about twice the existing plant capacity.

“We need to plan forward, and we don’t want to do this for another 20 years,” Vestal told the council. “We want to make the next piece a retrofit. We won’t reach 6 million gallons for at least 40 more years.”

“I’d like to look at this every five years,” Stieber said. “There are a lot of things we let slide.”

New cars, new radios

Fort Lupton Police John Fryar said he was “delirious” with the work of Enterprise Car Rental to fix his police vehicles.

However, when he changes out four squad cars by the end of the year, he needs to install four new police radios. Fryar told councilors he wasn’t sure if that was part of a service agreement with BearCom, which provides wireless voice and data communications equipment.

The potential cost is $22,500.

“I want to buy the four radios and then work something out with BearCom later,” Fryar said. “I want to make sure we get the radios.”

Other business

Vestal announced that the city’s clean-up day would take place Saturday, April 30.

“The (COVID) figures didn’t change,” he told the council. “They are hanging down there .. low.

Clean-Up Day is a chance for residents to dispose of household and yard items for free. Bring a copy of a utility bill or driver’s license to prove residency. Eligible items include electronics, computers, CRT televisions and monitors. Ineligible items include industrial and commercial waste, concrete debris, regular curbside trash and items for shredding.

The pick-up day for senior citizens and the disabled is Thursday, April 28. To schedule, call 303-857-6694 no later than Tuesday, April 26.