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The Weld Re-8 School District student art show is back, featuring more than 90 pieces of art by students from elementary to high school.

The show opened on April 1.

“The art show includes all of the schools in Fort Lupton Weld Re-8 School District and also homeschool students. We wanted to bring it back to the Weld-Re 8 art show and are so happy, “ said Julia Dandio, Adult and Teen Services, Fort Lupton Public and School library.

The district art show was canceled at the library for a couple of years due to COVID-19, and the art was only displayed at each school and moved around.

“We’re bringing it back to the height of our library and we’re so pleased that more of the public can see all the wonderful creative students in our district,” Teri Kopfman Board of Trustee Fort Lupton Public and School library.

The Student art show started in 1981 by Orlando Maestas from the Fort Lupton middle school. It was first held at the high school, which is now the middle school.

“They keep it going and added the elementary school. Then after this building was built they started the district show within this space,” said Kopfman.

“It’s really a wonderful opportunity to have our students be able to present in this space again, to be able to continue is such an amazing community at our library,” said Thomas Samblanet, Fort Lupton Public and School Library.