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Why are you running for a seat on the Arvada Fire Protection District Board?

As a Native of Arvada, I have always been Proud of the Arvada Fire Protection District and the Great Service that They Provide to the Community with exceptional professionalism. It has been an Honor to Represent the District and Firefighters in the Community. I Look Forward to Helping Them Rise further to Higher Achievements.

What are the biggest challenges facing the Arvada Fire Protection District?

Help the residents with mitigation plans to help prevent Wildfire catastrophes.

Mental health issues have increased dramatically.

Construction of New Station 1 to improve Response Times.

Possible Fire Museum at old Station 1 with classroom for Fire Prevention education.

Develop more Community Outreach for Fire Mitigation and Wildfires.

How do you propose tackling those challenges?

Continue to Budget properly for Future needs for New Station, New Equipment needed, and Maintenance

In the last 4 years we have built 2 new Stations without debt to the taxpayers. This can be continued.

Work with the City of Arvada to help further the Fire Mitigation plans to help Prevent Large Wildfires. The Professionals at Arvada Fire have the plans in place we just need to find ways of helping the citizens get access to them.

We are in the process of launching a new behavioral health response team. This will be a very specific team that will respond with the ability to best address the Mental Issues of today. This needs to be followed through.

I have always been Accessible for Your Thoughts and Comments and will Continue to do so.

Who are your constituents and how to you plan to gauge their needs and represent them?

Arvada Fire not only covers all of the City of Arvada but also responds to a third of the City of Wheatridge.

During my term on the Fire Board, we Achieved an ISO 1 Rating and CFAI Re Accreditation which only 108 Fire Departments have achieved out of over 40,000 Fire Departments in the Country. These are the highest ratings that a Fire Department can achieve and help give property owners the best ability to have Low Insurance Rates and the Community one of the Finest Emergency Response Teams in the Country.

I have helped bring financial stability to the Fire District.

What expertise or experience would you bring to the Arvada Fire Protection District Board?

Past President and Current Vice President of the Arvada Fire Board.

Past President of Apex Park & Recreation Board 14 years of service at Apex.

Inductee to Arvada West High School Hall of Fame.

Current Chairman of Jeffco Building Code Board.

Past Ski Instructor for the Blind Skier Program.

Local Business Owner for many years.

With My Experience in Government, I bring a wealth of Knowledge of Operations and other Government Agencies that the Board works with.