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Hundreds of hungry sushi fans gathered to watch four local chefs duke it out over raw salmon to benefit relief efforts for those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Competitors in the Colorado Chefs for Ukraine event sliced vegetables and fresh salmon and were judged on execution, technique, appearance and speed.

The April 4 event helped raise thousands of dollars to benefit World Central Kitchen, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides meals in the wake of disaster.

Silva, who hosted the event at his Golden Mills brewery, was pleased.

“I think we did great,” he said. “We almost did $15,000 for this thing, so that’s a good number, and that’s gonna help a lot of people around Ukraine.”

A trained sushi chef, Silva tackled a giant yellow-fin tuna that quickly became fresh sushi hand rolls.

Bunches of fresh sunflowers, a longtime symbol of Ukrainian national identity, adorned the tables.

Local breweries donated kegs of beer to the event, and according to Silva, 100% of those beer sales went to WCK.

Several raffles and a robust silent auction helped generate additional donations.

WCK was founded in 2010 by celebrity chef Jose Andreas.

According to the WCK website, the organization was serving meals at a southern border crossing in Poland just hours after the invasion of Ukraine.