Thanks for the Courier’s recent article by Deb Brobst detailing candidates for local districts. While the headlines may be focused on primaries and mid-term elections, on the near horizon are these elections with candidates running for positions on board seats in Special Districts that govern our fire, water, sanitation districts and recreation centers. These non-partisan entities are closer to home. Their policy-making decisions affect our daily lives. Meetings are typically open to the public and led by boards comprised of people who may be your neighbors or friends.

Sadly, their actions are often ignored by the very population they are elected to serve. With so many (more than 190 in Jefferson County), there is ample opportunity to exercise the right to vote and become more involved in your community by attending any upcoming candidate forums. Contact your special district to find out about mail-in forms or drop-off ballots or for more information before voting on May 3. To find your special districts, go to your property tax bill or visit

Christina Manthey, President of the League of Women Voters Jefferson County, Littleton