This article throws “dust” at the public without any real substance on energy public policy. I lived and worked in Russia, and have taught on this subject for many years.

Russian oil production is now impacting the American consumer directly. I will compare Russian and US Energy Policies, which are important for the American public to understand, in an election year.

Oil is an important commodity; after food and shelter, access to inexpensive energy is the most important resource for any nation. Russia, as opposed to OPEC has effectively become the world’s swing producer, and will continue to be when the US has depleted its unconventional oil resources (carrying her now). On the demand side the US has taken oil use to the extreme by using more oil per capita than any other country in the world and never effectively encouraging her citizenry to use public transport. Without a comprehensive National Energy Policy concerning oil production (supply) or demand, a country cannot continue progressing economically.

The war in Ukraine is a result of the weakness shown by the Biden Administration in Afghanistan, by letting the State Department manage a military exercise . Biden administration actions in Afghanistan have brought the high prices to the pump.

So then with sanctions, who will take Russia’s oil, and keep the Russian economy afloat? Oh… China who is energy deficient will and other oil dependent economies will loose their nerve, as prices continue to climb. Oil is a fungible resource once produced and Russia is more flexible than any other producing nation in moving her products.

Further, contractually the Russian government takes all profits in an oil resource from the Russian producing companies, when prices go above $27 barrel. A Russian oil manager lives without swings of commodity prices; they have a national producing oil policy second to none in the world. I have found that the Russian entrepreneur in the Putin distorted pseudo-socialistic-democracy is a flexible business person, and they are ruthless negotiators, because they have the power of the entire country and Russian leadership behind them.

We need to keep open and honest communication, if we are solve our countries severe oil supply and demand problem. We do harm to our populace by throwing “political dust” in an election year. A political approach will not solve the problem, our people making informed decisions will.

Curtis Golike, Golden