Sadly, a terribly dark shadow will soon shroud the Centennial State.

Colorado will soon enact legislation that will make Colorado the most abortion affirming and abortion accessible place on earth. Among the provisions of this extreme law are: the pre-born will have no legal rights or protections recognized; abortion will be allowed, at any time of a pregnancy, for any reason, by anyone (including minors without parental consent or notification); all prior anti-abortion restrictions passed in Colorado will not be recognized; the prohibition of any future anti-abortion laws in Colorado, from being enacted…

Is this really Colorado?

The State of Colorado will soon be known as the most extreme pro-abortion State in the Union.

Not since the blood-spattered Sand Creek Massacre in 1864 has this area, embraced such a bloody, indefensible crime against humanity, the Imago Dei.

As the right to own another human being had to be purged from American society, artificial pregnancy termination has to go. Let us, “follow the science,” as well as, our sense of right and wrong, and agree abortion’s time has come and gone.

No, one has the right to murder.

Shame on our lawmakers.

Terry Hodson, Golden