AURORA —  The decision-making arm of the Colorado High School Activities Association conducts its annual business meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday, April 21, at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center, 13200 E. 14th Place.

                One agenda item, if approved, would allow coaches in all sports to have Sunday contact with players who have used up their eligibility. The agenda notes cite an example of a coach being able to coach her senior player on a Sunday club tournament.

                The Jeffco Leagues say the main benefit is for high-school seniors and because a number of coaches are leaving CHSAA schools because of the existing Sunday no-contact rule. The Jeffco Leagues think this may help keep “high-quality” coaches, according to the packet.

                Another item deals with a longstanding issue in CHSAA, transfers. The proposal from the Denver and Foothills leagues would change the ineligibility period from 365 days from date of transfer to the first half of a particular sports season. Those in favor think it’s a compromise for students who transfer during high school. Those opposed say the proposal is not as strong as the present 365-day rule.

                A transfer-related item deals with the reasons to switch schools. The suggested change would put the burden of proof – “clear and convincing evidence, says the agenda packet” that the transfer has nothing to do with varsity playing time or athletics. The present rule says students who want to transfer have to provide that athletic participation was “no more than an incidental consideration.”

                The CHSAA board, which put this item on the agenda, said this suggestion puts the burden of proof on parents, not school athletic directors. There are no opposition comments in the agenda packet.

There is a proposal to return to two legislative council meetings per year. CHSAA’s board of directors, the Jeffco Leagues and the Mile High League cite extra layers of communication and transparency for CHSAA member schools. No one was in opposition, according to the agenda. The projected cost is about $30,000 for hotel accommodations, meals and mileage for in-person meetings. By

                CHSAA’s board also is proposing to move up so-called regain dates, dates when ineligible athletes can resume participation, by up to three weeks, depending on the sport or activity. The reason behind CHSAA’s board recommendation is to even out the number of ineligible weeks between sports. Not all teams play the same number of games and/or tournaments.