I was saddened by the front page article about Fed-up Women Conservatives. Instead of “Liberty Girls” their name should be “We only care about ourselves.” Since when does liberty mean you do want you want at the expense of others? Fortunately now our county and the country are at a very low COVID transmission rate. But at the height of this pandemic I am sure that at least one of their childrens schools had a cancer and /or immunocompromised student or teacher. What a great teaching moment for our children to tell them we are wearing a mask to make a fellow student safe, or show compassion for a sick teacher. Do we really want a group of children to grow up without empathy for others? It’s disheartening enough that so many adults are this self centered.

Rather than wine and cheese in their living rooms these ladies should volunteer at their local hospitals to see firsthand the consequences of their no-mask, no vaccine agenda. How ill-informed can they be to not have known when COVID numbers were rising and our hospitals were at a tipping point? This is no way of putting your community first.

Kathleen McCollough