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Fort Lupton City Council, acting as the city’s marijuana licensing authority, approved three retail business licenses by unanimous vote April 5.

The three are 1310 Factory Circle, High Plainz Strains, 1330 Factory Circle, and Carretera Ocho Cinco,  dba Highway 85 Cannabis, 7853 U.S. Highway 85.

All three license votes were unanimous. Mayor Zo Stieber had concerns about safety and security plans for Carretera Ocho Cinco’s establishment.

“We went to great lengths not to allow this type of business near a park,” she said. “I don’t think I saw a detailed security plan.”

Daniel Balderas, one of the controlling beneficial owners, said the security plan was submitted with the application. Stieber said it wasn’t as detailed as the others.

“What I saw in the others was more in-depth,” she said.

Stieber also asked about a single-family home on the property. Balderas and his wife own it. They have no children, but Balderas said young members of his extended family come for visits.

Stieber didn’t like the presented optics from that situation, nor did she like the business’ proximity to a nearby park.

“I’d like to see you upgrade your property,” Stieber said. “I’d like to see a barrier so that kids can’t see the building. I wouldn’t like them to see the building or the traffic. Is that possible?

“Yes,” Balderas answered.

With help from city attorney Andy Ausmus, council agreed on five conditions for the three applicants. They covered such things as possession of the building, acquisition of necessary permits, site inspections, security inspections and, if necessary, additional background information, such as financing. All three businesses passed those requirements.