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Developer Jim Marshall and D.R. Horton Homebuilders are bringing a new neighborhood to Spring Valley Ranch. Located at the corner of Elbert County Roads 13 and 174, the extensive subdivision will draw more residents to Elbert County.
Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Arlington, Texas, D.R. Horton is the largest homebuilder in the United States.
Spring Valley Ranch HOA Vice President Byron McDaniel shared his thoughts on the development and the benefits it will bring to the community with the Elbert County News.
“I think the new development will be very beneficial to the community. We want to see smart growth, and this is going to be smart growth,” said McDaniel. “We’ve been talking about building a park for the community and making other additions. This will be really great for the community.”
McDaniel also said he hopes the development will drive more business into the area. “Maybe it’ll bring in stores a little bit closer,” said McDaniel. “Overall, the development will be good for the community and the tax base.”
Marshall, the developer, indicated that there is a future for some retail development east of the planned residential area. “There is actually a small neighborhood retail commercial site located on the west side of CR 17-21 across from the golf course clubhouse. The site is suitable for small neighborhood commercial users,” said Marshall.
“We are hopeful that at some point in the future the residential growth will warrant some retail uses,” Marshall added. “The current buildout of the community has not attracted the interest of the commercial retail sector. We are hopeful that continued residential growth will eventually result in some commercial business opportunities.”
A concern for many Spring Valley Ranch residents is the lack of nearby business. “It takes me over 15 minutes to get to a grocery store,” said Spring Valley Ranch resident Wyatt Gaffney. “I’d love to see more development out here, especially businesses and restaurants.”
A notable concern for current residents, however, is possible construction traffic and its impact on the nearby roads.
“We’ve talked with the developers about construction traffic coming down Augusta Road. It was just replaced last fall and maintaining its integrity is a big concern for us,” said McDaniel. “They are going to be making a dedicated road north of Augusta and the golf course for construction traffic.”
The development is still in its early stages. Currently, no homes have been built on the property, though extensive earthmoving has occurred. According to Marshall, lots are currently being developed and homes will begin being built in late 2022.