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Highlands Ranch picked up its first win of the lacrosse season March 31, a 13-9 decision at Prairie View High School.

No stats were available for the Falcons. Julian Orozco scored four times for the ThunderHawks. Avery West added two, as did Tyler Schow. Goalkeeper Aaron Grummet had 12 saves in 24 minutes of play, while Nolan Guyer recorded 10 saves in 24 minutes.

Play was halted for a short time because of a medical emergency. Paramedics from the South Adams County Fire Department took a Highlands Ranch player, Will Laurie, to an area hospital after he collapsed on the Highlands Ranch sideline eight minutes into the contest Janelle Asmus, spokesperson for the 27J School District, said Laurie suffered a seizure.

Highlands Ranch High School athletic director Darren Withey said Laurie was “in good favor,” according to an update from one of the team’s assistant lacrosse coaches. The coach accompanied the paramedics and Laurie to the hospital. Withey said Laurie’s prognosis is “positive.”