As reported by the Clear Creek Courant, some parents have recently expressed displeasure with our school district’s direction, specifically calling out what they think is a “lack of school spirit” at the middle school/high school. Those of us who have been in the county for a while know that families and community members have long come together to support our students, teachers and leaders with strong, compassionate and enthusiastic spirit. Here are just a few examples: When not one, but two students lost both their parents, families opened up their homes so those students could stay in the district and finish their academic, artistic and sports careers in Clear Creek where they started, rather than having to move away to live with relatives. 

When the Clear Creek High School girls’ basketball team went to the state tournament and the football team made the playoffs, the stadiums were filled with not just parents, but with residents from all over the county. The girls even got a “heroes welcome” home with firetrucks and first responders, lights flashing, lining the bridge over the highway, in the middle of the night. 

Our county turns out en masse to support the Idaho Springs/Georgetown half-marathon, which supports the Booster Club – this is a significant, spirited community event that that brings us together, provides volunteer opportunities for students and revenue to the economy. 

Last year, just before the inaugural football game at the new Digger Field, the community turned out in big numbers to shovel off the remains of a major snowstorm so our team could host their first home game. Soon after, we pulled off the second annual Seniors Parade through downtown, with a week’s notice, due to the changing landscape of COVID restrictions. I challenge anyone to tell the folks who showed up that day—for our students and our schools—that we don’t have spirit. Best of luck.

In addition, our Board of Education and superintendent go to great lengths to inform and engage families, soliciting feedback on policies, curriculum, budgets and health & safety protocols. There are opportunities for families to engage in the Clear Creek Accountability Committee, volunteer at events mentioned previously and contribute in informed, positive, and constructive ways to our strong school spirit. Last, I encourage everyone who supports our district to attend Board of Education meetings, held at 6 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month. Your voice is needed. 

Liz Houston, Evergreen