Save The Mesas opposes any development on South Table Mountain. The proposal by Mr. Jeffry Bradley and his family Bear Creek Development Co. calls for the equivalent of eight football fields of a solar PV Array, plus the required metal fencing and one-half or more miles of cable dug or strung running down the north side of South Table Mountain to 32nd Avenue to an acceptable Excel Energy transformer. This proposal is inconsistent with requirements of the publicly approved Jefferson County Central Plains Community Plan which calls for the top and slopes of STM to be open space.

This solar array application is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the board of adjustment at 9 a.m. April 6. If you have questions or would like to share your perspective on this potential development, please reach out to Planning & Zoning Case Manager Scout (Sarah) Turnback at  Thanks for your interest in South Table Mountain Park.  

Edee Gail, President Save The Mesas and the Board, Golden