It seems Mr. Gubersky and I are going back and forth here. Responding to his most recent letter to the editor, he asks if I disagree with the way reading, math, geography, etc. are taught. It seems that these most basic subjects are not being taught as our students continue to lag year after year. The one and only good thing that came out of COVID is parents now know the propagandizing their students have been exposed to; gender identity issues, hatred of our country, pitting our children one against the other based on race, etc. To be very clear, I do not object in any way to our country’s factual history being taught. It’s extremely important for children to see how far we as a country have come. We are still learning and growing from one another. 

We also now have more transparency where our teacher’s unions stand. They do not seem to have our students’ best interests as they propagate the issues above with less focus on academics.

I am not trying to be vague here as he says, but the topic is school choice and our tax dollars that go toward public education and the indoctrination therein. His response is typically expected talking points. Let the parents simply decide what is best suited for their values and what they desire for their children. Most importantly, let their tax dollars follow them. We are the ONLY ones who know what’s best for our children.

Just for the record, I do not have children in school.

Sandi Diebel, Arvada