You have to hand it to Republicans; they always stick to their talking points whether they make sense or not. In response to rising gas prices as a result of the abhorrent Russian War, each Republican running in District 7 mentioned that if only Biden didn’t pull the plug on the Keystone Pipeline we could be “energy independent” and we wouldn’t be experiencing these insane rising gas prices. This is just more gaslighting by the Republican Party as the pipeline was only 10% completed and it wasn’t even scheduled to be completed until 2023 when Biden pulled the plug. Furthermore, even if the pipeline were operational, it would not contribute one whit to our domestic energy supply to make us energy independent since oil is a fungible commodity with prices determined on the global market. You would think that PhD economist Reichert would understand these details instead of promoting this disingenuous talking point. 

I hope the Transcript further explores the opinions of these candidates. In particular, all the Republican candidates should answer the question of what they think of their leader Trump’s bromance with Putin, claiming Putin is a genius to go into a sovereign country and slaughter innocent Ukrainian civilians to expand his empire. I would like to hear their response to that question and whether they believe in the Big Lie. 

Tom Sabel, Lakewood